Russian Ports’ Grain Transshipment Capacity May Grow by 36% by 2035: Center for Strategic Research

Since 2000, Russia’s agricultural exports have grown thirtyfold, according to the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. Russia has sent 200,000 tonnes of grain to Africa as humanitarian aid.

The capacity of Russian ports for grain transshipment may grow by 36% to 117 million tonnes by 2035, First Deputy Director of Russia’s Center for Strategic Research, Tatyana Gorovaya, told Sputnik.

“At the beginning of 2024, the grain transshipment capacity in Russian ports was 86 million tonnes. The main part of the grain volume is wheat, barley, and corn. A number of grain capacity construction projects are planned. Taking into account the launch of projects and the reduction of transshipment volumes, the total capacity can reach up to 117 million tonnes by 2035; they will be used for coastal transportation, the transshipment of compound feeds, and other bulk food cargoes,” she said.

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