About Us

Impulsradio Africa is a cross-African online radio & podcast network focusing on news, education, and information issues.

In order to promote the development and unity of the continent, we broadcast conferences, workshops, forums, and other events organized by African universities, academies, organizations, and social movements.

We ensure a large distribution of information in real time by live streaming, broadcasting and streamcasting all that content to Africans from all the corners of the globe.

We at Impulse Radio Africa believe in the dissemination of information and knowledge to all Africans living inside or outside the continent. We support growth and integration, and promote African business growth.

Through our African media partners, such as AMANITV and others, we provide our clients and partners with a continental presence and visibility.

Through our channel and network, we keep our subscribers up to date on the latest decisions, policies, advancements and changes on our continent. This is so as to promote African values, ethics, culture, art, and prosperity.

Our Partners

Larissa Foundation is about providing solutions to ease the challenges faced daily with raising children with special needs. We are aiming to create conditions that integrate and prepare kids for their future day-to-day lives in the work environment, public places, and other parts of our society across the continent.

We will provide and vulgarize the information necessary to raise and educate kids with special needs in Africa and will like to develop programs, courses, and schools preparing them for the active world.

Larissa Foundation aims to give kids with special needs a better living environment and a career plan.

Covering west Africa, Amanitv is a pan-African channel focusing on African current affairs. In addition, the channel promotes African art and culture and a diverse view of the continent.