What Causes Deadly Floods in Kenya and East Africa in General?

Kenya has been hit by some of its worst flooding since March, with at least 188 people killed, according to the country’s interior ministry. More victims are expected as the rains continue.

Flooding affected not only Kenya but also the whole of East Africa. On Wednesday, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he was worried over the high number of deaths as a result of heavy flooding in the region.

“The Secretary-General is deeply distressed to hear of the hundreds of lives lost and many others affected by heavy flooding in Burundi, Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania and other parts of East Africa,” the statement said.

But what are the reasons why we hear more and more often about terrible floods in different parts of AfricaSputnik Africa tried to figure this out.

Rainy Seasons

The seasonal patterns are one of the factors. Africa is characterized by rainy seasons alternating with periods of no rain. In Kenya and several other eastern parts of the continent, the “long rains” season runs from March to May, while the “short rains” season runs from October to December.

Most of the average yearly rainfall in the nation is attributed to the “long rains” season. Often, it is marked by intense downpours that might last into June.

But in its “long rains” season forecast for this year, the Kenya Meteorological Department said that above-average rainfall will hit several areas of the nation, with some seeing periodic storms. Along with other implications, he cautioned against mudflows, landslides, and flash floods.

Severe storms also marked the brief monsoon season of last year, particularly in November, in numerous regions of the country. The meteorological agency reported that several regions had over three times the long-term average rainfall.

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