‘They’re Monopolizing Everything’: African Expert on Financial System and How BRICS Can Change It

The Multipolarity Forum was held in Moscow on Monday. Participants from about 130 nations deliberated on topics concerning a multipolar global order, intercultural communication, upholding traditional values, challenging Western supremacy, cancel culture, and the ongoing decline of the family institution.

World banking and multinational companies are “monopolizing everything in the world” and that’s why we need to change the international financial system by establishing a multipolar world, Musawenkosi Mdluli, CEO of World BRICS South Africa, told Sputnik Africa on the sidelines of the forum.

“[…] World banking […] and […] multinational companies […] are monopolizing everything in the world, so we need a new system, even a new currency, a new banking system, a new SWIFT system to change the whole world. Because now everything has been controlled by a few. […] So the multipolar system will also affect and change the financial system of the world,” Mdluli said.

In this regard, BRICS is an organization that can facilitate this process, promoting multipolarity.

“I think, BRICS is a very powerful organization that is changing the world. […] It will promote a multipolar system that won’t be dominated by the European Union or the G7 or the G20. […] I believe that the BRICS is a hope for [the] multipolar world,” the interviewee said.

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