South Africa Reportedly on Verge of Forming Cabinet

CC BY 2.0 / South African Tourism / Pretoria, South Africa

The 2024 general election became a pivotal point in modern South African history, as the African National Congress won a plurality of seats in the country’s parliament without winning an outright majority for the first time since the fall of apartheid in 1994.

South Africa is on the verge of forming a cabinet after forming a ruling coalition, local media reported.

According to several news outlets, the two main parties in the coalition, the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance (formerly the main opposition party), have reached agreement on most points after the latter party gave up on the idea of taking the trade and industry portfolio.

“We are cautiously optimistic that there could be an agreement before the end of the weekend,” senior DA member Helen Zille was quoted as saying.

Earlier, ten South African political parties agreed to form a government of national unity.

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