Mali Views Strategic Partnership With Russia in Nuclear Energy Important, Foreign Minister Says

© Sputnik . Maxim Blinov

BAMAKO (Sputnik) – Mali considers strategic partnership with Russia to be important both in the field of solar and nuclear energy, Malian Foreign Minister Abdoulaye Diop told Sputnik.

Construction of a solar power plant recently started in Sanankorobe, a small town near Bamako. The project is being carried out by a subsidiary of Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom. Diop noted that the construction of a solar power plant will be extremely important for the country, strengthening its energy production capacity.

“A partner like Russia is extremely important. Rosatom was not chosen by chance, it was chosen because of the experience, knowledge and capabilities in this particular area, and having a strategic partner on such an important issue is extremely important for us to be able to fulfill obligations and achieve the desired result,” Diop said.

Mali also plans to build a nuclear power plant, which could ensure self-sustaining energy production and meet the needs of the Malian economy and the Malian population in the medium term, the minister added.

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