Le Président de la Transition échange avec le gouverneur de la BEAC

The President of the Transition, President of the Republic, Head of State, General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema met today at the Palais Rénovation with Mr. Yvon Sana Bangui, Governor of the Bank of Central African States ( BEAC), accompanied by Mr. Maurice Christian Ouanzin, Secretary General, Head of Mission of the Central African Banking Commission (COBAC).

Newly appointed to the head of the monetary institution by the Member Heads of State, the Governor of the BEAC came on the one hand to express his gratitude to the President of the Transition, to present to him the priority axes of his mission in his new functions , and gather advice and guidance that will enable him to fulfill this heavy responsibility on the other hand.

At the start of this mandate, the priorities of the new governor of the BEAC are essentially aimed at maintaining the monetary and financial stability of the countries of the sub-region, economic growth as well as the revitalization of the financial market in order to promote inclusion. financial.

Given the significant nature of the challenges to be met in this heavy task, Mr. Yvon Sana Bangui expressed to the Heads of State his availability to promote close collaboration with the sub-regional and international authorities and institutions with a view to making the BEAC a real engine of economic development in the CEMAC sub-region.

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