Kiev Prepares Provocation in Kherson With Staging Death of Civilians, Underground Network Reveals

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HENICHESK, Kherson Region (Sputnik) – A group of filmmakers and war correspondents arrived in the city of Kherson from Kiev to promptly stage the deaths of civilians allegedly caused by Russian army strikes to further accuse Russia of civilian causalities, a spokesperson of the pro-Russian underground in Kherson told Sputnik on Monday.

“On May 28, a group of documentary filmmakers and war correspondents totaling 13 people arrived from Kiev to the city of Kherson for an operational staging of the Russian army’s strikes on the city’s civilian infrastructure. During the missile strikes of the Russian armed forces on the places of temporary deployment of the Ukrainian army units, a staging of civilian casualties in medical, educational and other social institutions of the city was planned with further accusation of Russia in the deaths of civilians,” the spokesperson said.

Those who arrived in the city were trained in the field of information and psychological influence under the guidance of UK and US specialists, the underground added.

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