‘BRICS is a Choice’: Ex-South African FM on Bloc’s Value and Africa’s Struggle Against Colonialism

Sputnik Africa spoke with Lindiwe Sisulu, former South African Minister of International Relations, on the sidelines of the III International Youth Forum “Russia-Africa: What’s Next?” held from April 23 to 26 in the Russian capital Moscow.

The BRICS bloc is an alternative to what has been imposed on African countries and an attempt to gather allies to build a better future, Lindiwe Sisulu, former Minister of International Relations of South Africa, told Sputnik Africa.

“This one is a transparent effort to get like-minded people together, and as soon as we’ve got all the instruments in place, it will no doubt be open to people who would like to come and join BRICS. And we are consciously working for a better world. Having learned what we have learned from our past, there is no other way,” she noted.

The former foreign minister said the right of African countries to choose their partners without Western influence is “natural” but has been “taken away” by colonialism.

Continuing with colonialism, Sisulu called it “the worst kind of oppression” that should not be repeated in African history.

“I don’t know if there’s a single African country that would stomach any kind of colonialism. Because we have been through the worst kind of oppression and brought on by either a particular type of colonialism or the normal type of definition […] We’ve lost a lot of lives. The colonial conquest was a terrible blight on our history, and it should not and will not happen again if we are conscious of what we’re doing on a daily basis,” she remarked.

Sisulu also touched on the relations between Russia and South Africa, noting that it is necessary for the friendship between the countries to continue.

“We benefited from Russia beyond what we can give back to Russia, incredibly. We are where we are now because Russia made it possible amongst other countries, and we would like to make sure that the friendship does continue, and we keep learning as we go along,” the former top diplomat pointed out.

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