March 25, 2024

Russia Expects Visits of African and Middle East Leaders, Moscow Says

Last week, Prime Minister of the Central African Republic, Felix Molua, arrived in Russia on a friendly visit to participate in a large meeting at the Russian Government House. Russia expects high-level visits from the countries of the Middle East and Africa, said Mikhail Bogdanov, Russian President’s Special Envoy for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Foreign Minister. “We certainly expect high-level visits from both Africa and the Middle East,” Bogdanov said. The deputy foreign minister did not specify whether the visits of representatives of the African continent would be related to their peace mission to Ukraine. Earlier, Vsevolod Tkachenko, Director of the African Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that the African direction is becoming one of the brightest in Russian foreign policy, as the ministry is approached by more and more representatives of Russian state and public structures, business and humanitarian spheres interested in this continent.

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Ethiopia to Allow Foreigners to Own Property, Reports Say

The prime minister’s statement came during his discussions with loyal high rate taxpayers and businesses to address issues of importance to them as stakeholders. Ethiopia is poised to enact legislation allowing foreigners to own real estate, a pivotal step in the nation’s overarching strategy to liberalize its economy and entice investors, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced, as quoted by media. Ahmed revealed that his administration is in the final stages of drafting new legislation to enable foreign ownership of real estate. “We will introduce a law which will allow foreigners to own property,” he said, as quoted by media. The prime minister also underscored the government’s broader intention to revise existing regulations to facilitate access to Ethiopia’s retail sector, which currently maintains exclusive rights for Ethiopian nationals.

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DR Congo Surpasses Peru in Copper Production, Now Ranks Second in World

Copper is one of the most important minerals in the modern industrial world, as it is used in various manufacturing processes. Copper is an incredibly versatile mineral and its properties — high flexibility, conformity, thermal and electrical conductivity as well as corrosion resistance — makes it critical to the manufacturing sector. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) surpassed Peru in 2023 to become the world’s second-largest producer of copper, the media reported. Last year, according to the DRC Ministry of Mines, the country’s copper production amounted to approximately 2.84 million tonnes. The mining and energy ministry of Peru reported that the country’s output amounted to 2.75 million tonnes, according to the local media. Chile remains the leading producer of the red metal. Romulo Mucho, Peru’s Minister of Energy and Mines, reportedly stated in early March that he expects copper production to reach 3 million tonnes by 2024. However, Peru maintains its advantage over Congo in terms of copper exports. According to the reports, last year, Peru’s metal exports amounted to approximately 2.95 million tonnes, surpassing its yearly production. This was primarily due to the stocks of inventories that had been accumulated from prior years.

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Putin Calls 1999 NATO Bombing of Serbia ‘Great Tragedy,’ War Launched by West

PETROPAVLOVSK-KAMCHATSKY, Russia (Sputnik) – Sunday marks the 25th anniversary of NATO’s 78-day aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Russian President Vladimir Putin called the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia a great tragedy, adding that the West, in fact, launched a war in Europe at that time. “A great tragedy. What the West has done is unacceptable. Without any resolution of the UN Security Council they started direct military actions, in fact, a war in the center of Europe,” Putin said in an interview for a documentary that was broadcast by Russia’s Rossiya 24 channel on Sunday, on the 25th anniversary of the start of the NATO bombing. The president noted that he does not consider the takeover of Kosovo’s Pristina airport by Russian troops in mid-June 1999, which triggered a tense standoff between Moscow and the West, as “daring” and does not “attach as much importance to it as some observers do.” Putin also added that it was difficult to speculate whether he would have been able to prevent the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia 25 years ago if he had led the country then. Putin was serving as the head of the Russian Security Council at the time, while Boris Yeltsin was the country’s president. In 1999, an armed confrontation between Albanian separatists from the Kosovo Liberation Army and the Serbian army and police led to the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO forces, which started on March 24 and lasted for over two months.

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